What happens when you contact the Stop Smoking Service?

What you can expect from us:

  • Free, friendly, non-judgemental support and advice to help you stop smoking
  • Support for up to 12 weeks with a Stop advisor
  • Free information
  • Free medication if you get free prescriptions
  • Carbon monoxide checks at each appointment to show you how well you are doing
  • A genuine welcome back if you start smoking again and want to have another go at stopping


What we expect from you is that:

  • You really want to stop smoking
  • You keep your appointments
  • You contact your Stop advisor if you are unable to attend your appointment
  • You commit to the ‘not one puff’ rule

If you are happy with the support you receive from the Stop team, please tell your family and friends about us. If not, please let us know by contacting Stop on
0116 454 4000

“I did recommend it to one of my cousins and he’s stopped completely. He’s quit for just over 6 months. He’s always thanking me for letting him know.”
Stop ex-smoker


Call us on 0116 454 4000 to talk to an advisor if you want more information. Stop is ecigarette-friendly and in some circumstances can supply free ecig starter kits, as well as providing the behavioural support that makes a BIG difference to success rates.

You may have thought about calling the Leicester Stop Smoking Service, but put it off because you didn’t know what would happen when you did.

Here, Louise Ross, the Stop Smoking Service manager explains how the free NHS service works.

“We are not a call centre,” states Louise.

“One of four people, whose job it is to help smokers get the help they are looking for, will talk you through your options. We have many sessions to choose from throughout Leicester, and we keep waiting to a minimum.”

Some Stop clients are seen by the team’s advisors, whilst others will be seen by pharmacists and some by the nurse at their GP practice.

“All of the people who work with Stop have been trained to help people stop smoking,” adds Louise.

“Our advisors do this work because they care about helping people make a difference to their lives. We tend to see people on a one-to-one basis and we have advisors who can speak community languages.”



Once you have decided to stop smoking and called Stop, you will be invited to meet with an advisor. At your first meeting, your advisor will talk to you about your smoking history and your reasons for coming to the decision to change your lifestyle.

Mary, a Stop Smoking advisor, explains how she works.

“When I meet with a client for the first time, I explain the health benefits of quitting smoking, especially if the person has other health problems that smoking is making worse,” she says.

“I check the amount of carbon monoxide in their exhaled breath in a simple breathing test. Carbon monoxide is the gas that makes your blood thicker, stickier and more likely to clot. The more you smoke, the higher your reading and it can be quite amazing to see how much you are carrying.

“The good news is that, within the first week of stopping smoking, your level of carbon monoxide will have dropped dramatically,” adds Mary.

“When you come back the next time, you could already have a non-smoker’s level.

“Together we will set a quit date, for a time that the person is most likely to do it (and mean it), so just before a big party would not be a good time! Together, we will decide which products are most likely to help. There are a number of different products; Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), Zyban or Champix.

“If it’s NRT, you get two weeks’ supply at a time at prescription price (or free if you don’t pay for your prescriptions). This is a huge saving compared with buying it over the counter and your advisor can tell you how to use it so it works. If it’s Champix or Zyban you would like to use, that can be had from your GP on prescription, but they work much, much better when you also get support from Stop.

“People who use our service will get tips on how to cope with withdrawal symptoms, how to recognise what triggers make them want to smoke and the advisor will be there for you on a weekly basis.”

Smokers who have quit with Stop say it was the best thing they have ever done and that they only wish they had done it sooner.

Take the first step today, pick up the phone now on 0116 454 4000.