Video Highlights Risk of Smoking Before Surgery

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A hard-hitting video commissioned by the Stop Smoking Service and Leicester’s Hospitals earlier this year highlights the risk of smoking prior to surgery.

Quitting at any time can help to save smokers’ lives – but giving up cigarettes can be particularly crucial before an operation.

The short film shows the story of a girl named Emily, whose father is about to go through potentially life-threatening surgery.

Throughout the first half of the video, her father is encouraged to stop smoking but does not do so.

This first section then ends with her grandfather in tears – given the ominous task of telling his granddaughter that her father has passed away on the operating table.

The film then reverts to the beginning, when her father is first encouraged to quit, and this time he accepts support from a stop smoking service.

With this additional support and his own willingness to use cessation tools, he manages to quit and makes it through the operation.

Please watch the video below:

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