Top Tips for Staying Smokefree over the Summer


Have you recently quit smoking?


Over the last year, thousands of people have managed to quit smoking with the Stop Smoking Service and many others have managed to stop by themselves.


As ex-smokers will know, the first year is always a challenge as you get used to being a non-smoker in situations where you always used to smoke.  The more we repeat those situations, the easier it gets and gradually it starts to feel normal not to smoke.


Summer weather and holidays bring lots of opportunities for getting out and enjoying ourselves, but for those of us who have recently quit smoking, it can present some unexpected challenges.


Outdoor celebrations, barbeques and pub gardens will be places where others may be smoking and if this is the first time you’ve been in this situation since quitting smoking you could get caught out.


Relapse is common in these situations, especially when alcohol is involved.


Be prepared:


•    If you are still using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) such as gum or lozenges, take some before the event and keep yourself topped up so the cravings are kept to a minimum.  If you are using an E-Cig then make sure it is fully charged and topped up with juice


•    Stick with the non-smokers so that there are fewer visual triggers to smoke


•    If you drink alcohol, keep it moderate or avoid it altogether, until you feel confident that it won’t put you at risk of relapse


Going away this summer?


Holidays are common times for people to relapse and you need to be prepared to do things a bit differently.


•    Take and use NRT or your E-Cig if you still need nicotine


•    Keep alcohol consumption moderate


•    Tell any new people you meet that you don’t smoke


•    Enjoy the fact that you have more money to spend on holiday since you have become a non-smoker


•    Don’t get tempted by the duty free at the airport.  Getting a bargain now will kick start your habit and cost you more money in the long run


•    If people ask you to buy tobacco for them, politely explain that you would rather not as you don’t want to be tempted to smoke again by buying it for someone else


•    Be prepared for the post-holiday blues when you come home, its normal, but smoking again won’t change anything


If you feel at risk of smoking again, give us a call.  You don’t have to be a smoker again before you can talk to us and get support.  We can arrange an appointment with you or just offer support over the phone.


Call the Stop Smoking Service on 0116 2954141