Testimonial – “It makes it so much easier than trying to do it on your own”


There are few people better equipped to talk about the benefits of the Stop Smoking Service, than those that have used it themselves to kick the habit for good.


The below testimony highlights some of the ways in which the Leicester Stop Smoking Service helped one smoker successfully quit…




“My mum recommended the Stop Smoking Service to me because she’d used it before.


“I think the most important thing about the service for me, was getting the right product. I used the mouth spray and I think if I had used anything else I could quite easily have failed. It was the right product for me.


“Something else that was useful was having to blow into the carbon monoxide monitor, because you can see the reading and it makes you feel good about how well you are doing.


“Also for me, having to come each week was important, because if I went out at the weekend and I knew I was going to be seeing my advisor on Tuesday, I would think ‘well, she’s going to know if I’ve had one, so…’


“I would definitely recommend the service and I have already recommended it to quite a few people; just because it makes it so much easier than trying to do it on your own.”