Stop Smoking Service Teams Up with Warning Zone


The Leicester Stop Smoking Service has teamed up with interactive learning centre Warning Zone, to help educate young people within Leicestershire and Rutland of the risks associated with smoking – both directly and passively.

Through the new partnership, messages promoted by the Stop Smoking Service will be incorporated into specific existing zones at the Warning Zone centre, which work to create awareness amongst young people of a host of risks that can lead to harm and/or injury.

In preparing to deliver the messages within the centre, Karen House, Specialist Adviser for Smokefree Homes with the Stop Smoking Service, has been working closely with Warning Zone’s Operations Manager, Richard Grudgings, to accurately represent messages and incorporate props in the most appropriate areas.

Karen House, who also runs the Stop Smoking Service’s Step Right Out campaign to encourage smokefree homes and cars, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Warning Zone to promote important messages about smokefree environments. We know that regular exposure to second-hand smoke in the home and car increases the risk of the same health problems caused by smoking, and is of particular danger to children and babies.

“The interactive home and car zones provide an excellent opportunity for us to incorporate messages about the dangers of second-hand smoke and to promote the Step Right Out campaign, encouraging children to talk to their parents and carers about keeping their homes and cars smokefree for the benefit of their family’s health.

“As Warning Zone has visits from all schools across the city, this means that our message has the potential to reach thousands of families through this partnership.”

Warning Zone’s Operations Manager, Richard Grudgings, added: “At Warning Zone we have been trying to create new ideas and form new partnerships and working with the team at the Stop Smoking Service is a prime example.

“We are adding additional pieces to two of our interactive zones; ‘Fire Risk in the Home’ and ‘Road Safety.’ The idea is to promote the dangers of secondary smoke from smoking inside the house and car and also highlighting the increased risk of causing a fire, as if you have a house with someone who smokes inside the house there is a 35% greater chance of a fire starting. In ‘Road Safety’ we will be having ‘No Smoking’ stickers placed on the car seats, and the children will learn about the dangers of secondary smoke in the car, even if the window is open.

“These two changes, and the opportunity to send out a leaflet campaign to all children’s parents who visit Warning Zone, is a great example of two organisations working together to put a vital message forward.”

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