Service User Sue Praises ‘Angel’ Advisor


The Leicester Stop Smoking Service helps hundreds of smokers within the city quit each year – and was delighted to receive kind feedback from one person that utilised the service throughout 2016.

Sue, who had smoked between 20 and 30 cigarettes a day for 40 years, spoke to the Stop Smoking Service to get an idea of what nicotine replacement treatment would work for her. Working alongside our advisor, Mary, Sue chose to use Champix alongside the advice provided by Mary on a regular basis.

Here’s what she had to say…

Mary has been my consultant (#angel) at the Stop Smoking Service.
After being a smoker for 40 years I have finally been able to confidently give up with Mary’s help and the use of Champix.  I was a heavy smoker for 30 years, a very heavy smoker the past 5/6 years.  I had consistently smoked 20 per day, which had crept up to 25-30 a day. Cigarettes were the major part of my life.
The change in not smoking is dramatic; I feel a sense of freedom as well as wellbeing. The panic about having them/not having them/where can I smoke them/when can’t I smoke them, which had taken up so much of my daily life, is now a long distant memory.  I have lost the throaty laugh, the chesty cough and I can breeze down the high street without a “wheeze”.  I have recently had compliments about how well I am looking!  Cash flow is greatly improved too, it is an enjoyable wake-up call to realise how much money I am saving.
I do feel absolutely fantastic and it has been EASY.  
I had, way in the back of my head, thought about and had wanted to give up smoking for so long but always found an excuse not to; it was bugging me that I was spending so much on them and each winter, I worried about getting ill with colds as I could never shake them off and they would last for weeks, but I continued to smoke even more.
A year ago a lady at our local café mentioned she had successfully stopped smoking using Champix and was doing great, but it still took me months to finally take the step. I really didn’t want to commit to not smoking and was more than a little anxious about taking the medication, but I am so pleased I did. At Stop, Mary made me feel so welcome and brave for taking the first steps. There is also no pressure, just lots of informative and practical information to think about.
The medication is easy to take. I have experienced only a minor side effect; a little nausea if you don’t take with food, that’s all. I am half-way through a 12-week programme. It’s optional but I have made an effort to meet with Mary once a week. The weekly meets are only 30 mins or so, but they have been really useful.  
Today I am in my 46th day of being smoke free; before beginning my journey with Mary I could not have imagined being 46 minutes without a cigarette.
The old saying “If I can do it, anyone can” is very, very true and I would recommend anyone with half a mind about trying to give up, to give it a try.

If you have been inspired by Sue’s words – and would like to take the first step to stopping smoking, be sure to give the Leicester Stop Smoking Service a call on 0116 454 4000 and speak to one of our advisors.