‘How Safe is Vaping?’ – Dialogue Taking Place in Leicester


As part of the ongoing work in relation to the Global Forum on Nicotine, Knowledge.Action.Change is organising a series of dialogues to examine the often contentious issues that attach to the use of electronic cigarettes, or vaping, in workplaces, places of entertainment and public spaces.

One such dialogue is taking place in Leicester, on 21 March 2017, at Leicester Tigers’ Welford Road Stadium. Commencing at 2.00pm and finishing at 5.00pm at the Tigers’ Clubhouse Suite, the dialogue is being hosted by Leicester City Council Stop Smoking Service.

There is still a lot of debate between scientists and policy makers about the nature, use and safely of nicotine containing products. The media has produced a lot of stories about e-cigarettes, not all of them either accurate, or supported by scientific evidence.

Nonetheless, these stories have an impact and can influence people’s thinking and reactions on issues. This dialogue is a place where everyone can bring their concerns, air them and hopefully become better informed about the products and their use.

Most vapers are former smokers who have switched to this safer way to use nicotine. Professionals working in public health largely accept that this is a much safer form of behaviour – for users and those around them – but there remain concerns about the impact of their use in some circumstances – and in this dialogue, we aim to identify some of these and try to address them.

During each dialogue a panel of speakers, representing different interests, will each make short presentations, addressing different issues relating to e-cigarette use. Q&A and discussion involving the audience will follow the presentations.

The dialogue will be filmed with the proceedings posted on the web, with the aim of providing information to those who might be interested in the subject and to assist those charged with making policy in having a cross-section of views to draw upon.

Attendance at the dialogues is FREE, but you will need to register by completing the simple form BY CLICKING HERE