Hayley Johnson – Helping to Keep Pregnant Women Smokefree


Hayley Johnson is a Midwifery Support Worker, based at New Parks Children’s Centre.

In recognition of her fantastic work in supporting pregnant women to stop smoking, and to keep their homes smokefree, Hayley has been awarded a Step Right Out Partnership Champion trophy by the Stop Smoking Service.

Some people may not realise that, when a midwife first books in a pregnant woman at 8 to 12 weeks, she is referred for stop smoking support if she smokes.

Hayley has been trained to support pregnant smokers to quit by the Smoking in Pregnancy Specialist Advisors with the Stop Smoking Service

It is part of Hayley’s role to provide stop smoking support to women referred in her area, for as long as the women need it.

She provides an assessment at the booking clinic and takes their Carbon Monoxide reading.  Hayley then gives advice on how to stop smoking and provides a prescription for stop smoking medication that is suitable for pregnant women. Hayley then follows them up on a weekly basis to offer continuing support.

A very important part of Hayley’s work with pregnant women is to talk to them about the dangers of second-hand smoke for their unborn child and once the baby is born.

Hayley encourages all the women she sees, smokers and non-smokers alike, to sign up to the Step Right Out Promise, to keep their home and car smokefree for the benefit of their families health.

“I talk to every women I see at booking and most of them are happy to sign up.  I’ve never had anyone decline,” she said.

Just two hours of exposure to second hand smoke a day for a pregnant woman, doubles the risk of having a low birth weight baby, even if she is a non-smoker herself.

Hayley has signed up 75 pregnant women to the Step Right Out Promise so far this year, which means that those babies are more likely to grow up in a smokefree environment.

If you, or anyone you know, would like support to stop smoking in pregnancy, contact our Smoking in Pregnancy Specialist Advisers for confidential, friendly and non-judgemental support on 0116 454 4000.