Family Motivates Leicester Smoker to Quit

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When you’re trying to quit, having a reason that motivates you can make a massive difference. Strong words from her daughter were what spurred Cathy Taylor on, and she’s now smokefree, with help from the Leicester Stop Smoking Service.

After 30 years of smoking, 49-year-old Cathy decided that enough was enough – she couldn’t keep damaging her body. This revelation, combined with her children’s vocal objections to her habit, made her really want to change her ways for good.

“My 13-year-old daughter said things like ‘I don’t want you to die mum’. That really made me think, I didn’t want her to worry and I want to set a good example to her. I’m very lucky none of my children smoke,” said Cathy.

As well as opening her eyes to the issue of her cigarette consumption, Cathy admitted her family were a massive help throughout the quitting process. That support network, alongside the addition of assistance from a Stop Smoking advisor, was integral for her.

“The advisor was brilliant, really nice and easy to contact,” she said. “I’ve finished my sessions with her now; but she says I can always get in touch if I ever need to, if I’m struggling. So the support is still there.”

Willpower and helping hands are both huge benefits to any quitter. Cathy has both in abundance, but another key factor in her success has been the use of an e-cigarette. After embarking on a study into e-cigs being used as a cessation device, which the Leicester Stop Smoking Service is supporting, she was assigned one – which she’s found more helpful than any nicotine replacement she’s used previously.

Expanding on her quitting experience, Cathy said: “An e-cig doesn’t just replace the nicotine, it replaces the habit too. Sometimes I’ll just hold it in my hand because I’ve been so used to having a fag.

“Other times I’ve tried to stop I’ve found it really tough, but I haven’t this time while using an e-cigarette. I’ve saved so much money too – I don’t know how I ever afforded to smoke!”

Since cutting out cigarettes, Cathy says she’s noticed a difference in her health already: “I feel more lively and like I’ve got more energy. I’m less stressed as well – I used to feel like I needed cigarettes when I was stressed, but now I don’t feel that.”

These mental health improvements have been something Cathy’s really appreciated, as well as the physical rewards: “I suffer from depression, but now I’m sleeping better and I’m more energetic, which helps.”

Summing up her key advice for anybody looking to quit, Cathy said: “Get in touch with the Stop Smoking Service and I’d definitely recommend trying an e-cigarette. They’re much better for heavy smokers because they replace the smoking habit.”

If you want to get smokefree, take Cathy’s advice and get in touch with the Leicester Stop Smoking Service.


Call 0116 454 4000 to speak to a friendly advisor, who will be able to provide you with more information or click here to complete a contact form, and someone will get back to you.