E-cig friendly service


We offer all the traditional licensed products (patches, mouth-spray, inhalators, Champix and many more), and advisors are skilled in helping people choose the right product for them.

We’re also ecig-friendly, and although we can’t supply ecigs, we can give the behavioural support that makes a big difference to success rates.



• Ecigs don’t contain the tar and carbon monoxide that lit cigarettes do, and are therefore much safer than smoking

• There is no evidence that ecigs are encouraging people to go back to smoking, in fact the opposite is true; seeing people use ecigs seems to encourage others to consider switching to a safer alternative

• There is no evidence that young people who have never smoked are taking up the use of ecigs

• There’s a huge range of types, strengths and flavours. Talk to a knowledgeable retailer to understand the choices

• Never leave an ecig or ecig liquid where a child or pet could get hold of it

• Only ever charge your vaporiser with the charger you bought as part of the same kit. Don’t leave it charging unattended


Call Stop on 0116 2954141 to talk to an advisor if you want more information