A Nurses’ Guide to Ecigs

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In a new post on on ‘Guidelines in practice’ our Service Manager Louise Ross outlines how practice nurses can capture the potential of electronic cigarettes to help their patients stop smoking.

The guide explains:

  • why smokers use electronic cigarettes
  • how to tackle misconceptions and answer questions
  • safety issues and cost comparisons with smoking.

Read the introduction to the guide below, and please click here to read it in full.

Few contacts between practice nurses and their patients have such a rapid and effective outcome as advice and support to stop smoking.

Many practice nurses and healthcare assistants run clinics on behalf of their local stop smoking service, and many more give brief opportunistic advice during appointments for reasons other than smoking but when stopping smoking will bring considerable benefits and improve outcomes, such as when patients attend for leg dressings, diabetes checks, hypertension reviews, and asthma clinics.

For practice staff who would like to brush up their skills on giving brief advice on smoking, I strongly recommend spending the short time needed to complete the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT)’s Very brief advice module.

This is a user-friendly and informative guide on the most effective way to raise the subject with patients, using an approach that encourages rather than shuts down any interest that the patient might have in stopping smoking.

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