A Huge Thank You


The Stop Smoking team at Leicester City Council would like to thank everyone who contributed to the ground-breaking Trial of E-Cigarettes study.

The successful recruitment in Leicester was a combined effort from advisors who saw smokers who wanted to join the study, the admin team who talked interested people through the process of enrolling, the people who although they didn’t smoke themselves, encouraged their friends, family and colleagues to enrol, and of course the smokers themselves who came every week and faithfully followed instructions – we hope you felt you got a great deal out of joining in!

Worldwide there will be benefit to learning the results of the study, which is being conducted by Queen Mary University of London, to compare the results of stopping smoking with e-cigarettes and stopping with nicotine replacement therapy. The report will be out in 2019.

While we wait for the results though, please remember that we are still gathering valuable information about success rates, whatever product you use. Stop supports people who want to stop smoking, whether with NRT, Champix or by vaping, and we have all sorts of extra help to make your journey a success.

Please do call Stop on 0116 454 4000 to find out more.